For the last twenty years I have been conversing with people on the other side. The story of how this gift started and progressed is described in my book Under Grace which will be available soon.

My son who is in spirit travels with me and holds back the curtain of time. This enables people from the past to contact me. I am able to tap into their emotions while they tell me their story concerning their lifetime.

In essence, I feel what they were feeling at the time. It seems as if I am caught up in their lifetime and living it with them. Sometimes I play the part of an observer and hear what they are saying to one another, and sometimes I have interaction with them through dialogue.
When in Rome, Julia Caesar came to me and told me about a love story that is not recorded in the history books. I was so captivated about this story concerning her and someone called Flavius that I started to write a novel about it which I was calling Caesar’s Daughter and the Centurion.

In the beginning, I didn’t have interaction with Caesar, her father, but was able to watch him as he and Julia conversed with one another. I soon became aware of the fact that Caesar was responsible for Flavius’ death. I lived through the great grief that Julia felt at this loss.

She and Flavius had a spiritual mission to fulfill for Rome that was destroyed because of his death. This was very difficult for Julia as she had remembered the pre-birth arrangements that they had made before she was born.

It was then that Caesar came to me personally and asked me to take down what is presented here as Conversations With Caesar.

I soon found out through Caesar’s own words that he also was involved with this mission that Julia and Flavius spoke about. The three of them were to help bring in the Roman Peace to make way for Jesus Christ and His mission. It was the Roman Peace and the Roman road system that allowed the apostles to spread the words of Jesus among the peoples of the known world at that time.

The time for Jesus to be born was at hand and the mission of peace and cooperation had to be passed to another individual, Octavian. The energy of Julius Caesar, the conqueror, had to be replaced with the energy of peace and cooperation. At the end of the book Brutus discusses how his soul played a part in this transition.

This is not a book about Roman history. Caesar tells us that there are many books about that if one is interested in the history of the time. This is a book with a spiritual message, as Caesar evaluates his life from a spiritual perspective. We can learn much from his observations.

Caesar speaks of what he has learned since his assassination and what he sees on the horizon for our country and how humanity is destined to make a giant leap in evolution.

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