Caesar’s View from the Center of the Cosmos

There is a God but not as one thinks.  The God you concern yourselves with seems as if it is a personal being just like you and it is not.  The creator of all things is in the center of the cosmos and stays there because it is too large to come to your dimension, and if it could move, the cosmos would become unbalanced.  It is that God in the center of all that keeps balance in this world through a force similar to centrifugal force.

The planetary systems and universes circle in balance and the totality of these bodies circulating in their orbits balance all life.  I have watched this dance of orbits from the center and it is amazing.  As a child you played with spinning tops and this view seems that way to me.  The tops go in different directions and are put in motion and continue in motion thorugh these balancing rotations.

I look upon this through the telescope of spiritual eyes and it places me in a state of awe.  I arrived here though a direct journey without stopping at places that drew my attention.  I wanted to see the view, and report back to you what it looked like.

In between these moving galaxies there is what your scientists call black holes and the energy is part of the balancing party.  These holes have a different matter on each side of them though similar. There is an array of color of many types of shading; there are whites, greens, blues, and reds.  I can see through what you call time so I can see what appear as explosions of matter spewing out upon the landscape.  I can see nurseries of stars beginning their journey as gases and billowing through hydrogen columns and eventually making their way as galaxies themselves.  This is a miraculous image to see all of this creation which seems like a blink of an eye so to speak.

I can see history in the making and it is this history that the newly created souls explore.  I have seen the souls which look like rivers of white glowing dust which in themselves act as an orbit of multitudinous colors evolving and moving into the microcosms of paths within paths going in all directions.  They are led by great angels that sit close to God in this central location and are nurtured by them until they are ready to plan and create by themselves.

God in this place gave the angels the commission to tend for these souls and teach them in respond to love.  Their response is the living in love.  It is the recognition of what love entails and they are given the ultimatum of loving themselves first, which reflects upon the creator.  Loving self and being kind and accepting of yourself is acceptance of the god force within them and it pleases the creator of all.

This is my second message for the website.  I wanted all to know of this beauty that Cornelia and I hold within our vision and it is because I was released from the Bardo and am able to come to this place and honor the creator of all and the creator force within each of you.  This force resides in each of you.

My eyes are your eyes so you can see your victory.  You will be back; that is the plan.  I can see the circle of advancing and returning troops of souls through other epochs of what some have called Brahmin or the inhalation and exhalation of energy from this source.

Cornelia and I stand in amazement at the immensity of it all and what the dynamics are with regard to energy.  I am a student of energy and this march of energy and souls is beyond telling in its magnificence, but I will try.

In my next message I will give more, but for now I hope you all take this away with you.  There is a beauty and an awesome picture of vitality and immensity apprising creation from the eye of the creator.  Their seat looks out upon an awesomeness of great magnitude.  One does not tire of its beauty.

For anyone who stares through the mist of creation, it is possible to hone in on a particular viewpoint and see the details.  One sees the big picture, but as something happens that draws you in to the details you understand its workings.  It is not easy to explain, the vision becomes like a telescope and within that picture you understand all of the happenings with your view.  You can see the history from beginning to end.  You can see the souls that participate and understand what their history is and what they have hoped to accomplish and their failures and successes.  Peering closely I can even see individual souls.  Some are pleasing and beautiful and some are not.  Some seem repulsive because they do not love and do not serve others but prey upon them in a manner that is not beautiful.

But I must tell you that those who oppose the energies of the creator are few in the general picture of creation.  I will speak also of the plan for those who oppose the creator and how that issue will be resolved.  For now hold in your heart the image of love.  It is what this message is all about.  There must be love in all if you are to get closer to this source and see for yourselves its beauty, harmony and the sound of creation.

This vista before me has sound.  The spheres have sounds and I gaze upon this scene and am mesmerized upon the feel and sense of beauty, love and harmony that issues forth from the view.

There is a satisfaction that I cannot pass on to you though I wish that I could.  I will try the next time to send more of the emotion of what I see and hopefully this will help you on earth to become more determined to make the image of God a priority in your soul.  The God spot of God’s eye needs to be activated and soon.

Note from Carolyn Evers

In the information concerning the energy picture of Master Kuthmi there is an explanation of the energy of the God spot on our soul.