May 8th

Presently, Julius Caesar is moving through the higher dimensions and exiting this solar system through an opening in Arcturus into the next galaxy. He is reporting back to us what he finds in his experiences.

In this report Caesar gives us information that he received from the Angels and the Archangels.  This message concerns an imprint that God placed in our DNA concerning who we are and our relationship to that force we call God.

Caesar also describes an experience he had in an energy field whereby he could see his own soul and trace his history to the beginning when he was created by God along with all his experiences as that soul. He also adds that this energy will be coming to earth.

In this report, the angels mention the word “strings”.  Earlier they had discussed creation and how God uses strings to manifest in our world. Our scientists have discovered evidence of this in our physical world and call it “The String Theory.”

We were told in a earlier discussion that God in their construction and abilities was so large that they could not move beyond the lower spiritual planes into our plane of dense gases and solids.

Carolyn Evers


God has life and experiences in abundance.  God is constantly creating though there came a time when God wished to expand in their creations. It was at this time that God followed lines similar to the strings that we have discussed and found the line of demarcation from the purely spiritual levels to a plane which we will call a manifested plane of heavier particles.

This may seem strange to you, but to God this was experienced as a wall where it was difficult, perhaps it could be considered impossible to advance beyond.  God in its creation and abilities could not go beyond this wall.  Of course there was curiosity about this wall.  God sent a part of itself to explore beyond this wall to see what was on the other side.  This is how the soul came to be created.

The creation of souls was not really a beginning as God always existed.  This is hard for the human to understand this because the mind is constructed in such a way that it cannot fathom eternity or a past that always existed.  You want to be able to see a period when something began.  We cannot satisfy your curiosity in this regard because it is not within your ability to understand this.

We will say that it exists and offer other information with regard to God’s designs for humanity.  You see yourself as something different from God because you cannot consider yourself as one who could create as God creates, but you came from that great being that indeed creates.

You do not create as God creates presently, but you hold the possibility to create as God creates.  You will learn in future epochs how to do this.  As you can imagine, you cannot create in the state of imperfection that you now experience.  God cannot allow creation without perfection.  Perfection as God sees it is the ability to create in complete love and appreciation for what they have created.

Presently humanity has learned to destroy.  Unfortunately much is being destroyed.  Nature in its pristine places which took the creator gods much planning and integration to bring forth to life is being systematically destroyed by the human beings who inhabit this beautiful planet.

The air you breathe is being contaminated and it doesn’t seem to concern you.  You suffer many physical limitations such as asthma, bronchitis and the like because of your poor air quality.  Yet you do not demand that the contaminants from factories and other emissions be stopped.  You end your life, or worse, condemn your future life and lives to a lower quality of living than what is possible.

There are many ways you thwart your perfection and we watch with sadness as we see your destruction.  This was not God’s way.  God only has love for you and your worth.  The angels have only love for you as one of God’s creations.  We watched you evolve and protected you and we feel as if you are our charges, akin to younger brothers and sisters.

We stand by watching your entangled webs of deceit and even hatred and murder and maiming of your brothers and sisters that share your world.  We look towards the heavens and know what is possible for earth and its inhabitants and we watch you moving in a downward spiral of experiences.  You are not aware of just how much you suffer and what is available to you if you would but turn towards love and protection of yourselves and your world.

Love must prevail.  Even in these times of heightened energies, we know that not all will accept the love that has been extended for you.  God in their bounty of love and life has created and sent to you a new type of energy that enlivens your DNA.  You have called this energy the Harmonic Concordance.  Many of you do not understand even now that this has happened.  It is only through the teaching of this event that you might be able to awaken your eyes and hearts to this miracle.  

We hope against hope that you will accept what love your father in heaven has for you.  It is not necessary to follow any dogma of church or state.   It is only necessary to see all as something sacred.  The pictures of abuses from war and hatred come to you via your television and radio and it resonates deep within your soul that this is wrong.  It has always been wrong from the very beginning, and now this new age brings forth these pictures and hopefully you will say no to this hatred.

We hope that you will awaken and say yes to love and stop this senseless killing and torture. Those who are willing to go beyond these human emotions of hatred and destruction will follow a string of love and understanding at the end of a cycle.  The cycle is speeding up and soon you will see and feel the lower levels of spiritual life.

There are those among you who have been inspired to realize that God imprinted in your DNA messages about what they are and who they are and your relationship to them.  All of this was planned to be revealed at this present moment.  No matter how many wish to be stuck in the lower levels of fear and destruction and hatred, there also exists the thoughts of love and service and cooperation.  This is how it was meant to be.  No brother was meant to be alone.  It was meant to be an expression of love that would unite all who live on your planet.

The day is coming and it is soon to be revealed on your doorstep that there is a God.  There is a creator who rules all life, who loves all life and there are angels who carry out God’s will and protects God’s creations. 

This day is quickly coming when those on earth who do not feel that love will be faced with it and there will be no denying that God exists.  This is not a threat of suffering but rather an energy that is on its way that is coming from the most high in the center of the cosmos.  This energy will be an awakening.  All will see themselves as they really are.  They will see it in their soul.  It will seem as if there was a mirror being held up by the angels for you to gaze upon your soul. 

This awakening has been foretold by masters such as Mary the mother of Jesus who is part and parcel of the Divine feminine.  She works tirelessly to warn her children that this miracle is coming.  No one who lives in that moment on earth and becomes aware of this energy will stay the same.  They will be forever changed.

The light and life of the Creator will be upon you.  You will not be able to resist it.  You will be able to run away, but if you do, you will not live on this planet.  You will pass into the state of death and exist where you will have company in your refusal to love.  This will not happen immediately, but it will come.  There will be a division of this life wave and only love will be allowed to stay here. 

It has always been the plan of the most high God, in all their glory and love and compassion to have this planet a gateway towards the great truths of love and life in its fullness.  This is a glorious place.  There is not life in its abundance on any other planet as it is here.  Pristine mountains, grassy planes, blue skies, flowers, animals in abundance are no where else as it is here.  The divine gathered all their plans of beauty and sprinkled them here in your land in your country.  There is an abundance of beauty in earth’s seasons, in her clear water which falls over cliffs into pools of clear lagoons. 

This was the planning forces of your creator gods.  It was the hope of beauty, love, understanding and innocence.  Your innocence has been taken away from you, but God wants you to receive it again.  The innocence of love is what God wants for this planet.

Hosanna in the highest it will come again to earth.  We are exhaulted in the plan.  It will come again.  And those who suffer will find that their suffering will end because God’s day will come.  Your God who has stamped their code in your DNA will awaken you to their love.  Rejoice with us because the day is approaching and it is soon even by your earth time.  You are our brothers and sisters and we love you beyond understanding as God loves you beyond understanding.


May 2004

It is I, Caesar, who has brought forth the messages of the angels and archangels for you.

To you, my daughter, and to the rest of the world who reads this, I am dedicated to bringing forth this information as I travel.  It is my hope that you allow yourself the time to ponder these words.  The words will change you if you but reflect upon them and fill yourselves with hope.

This message was given to me by angels who sit close to God and act as their messengers, but I have seen this energy.  I am very interested in energy and it was shown to be this energy that waits for you.  I was able to experience it.  I stood within its midst and I could see my own soul.

I want to tell you what it was like.  I remembered when I was created.  I followed that line of creation and saw myself as I evolved from the hand of God and moved through the clouds of creation and found myself eventually as Caesar upon this beautiful planet.  I understood all my thoughts and desires and experiences as a soul and as a human reincarnating many, many times on this planet and others.

I could remember all my experiences and it seemed as if it were one moment.  The enormity of it is not to be underestimated.  It was frightening and it was awesome.  I asked for this experience so I could come back and tell you of its magnificence.  This is so important that you understand that this is on the way.  For too long you have been wandering in ignorance of the magnificent possibilities of who and what you are.

I rejoice with the heavenly hosts as I can see the moment when this energy comes into the world.  Human endeavors have nothing to do with its arrival.  It will come no matter what humanity does or how they try to stop it.  Those in power understand on a soul level that their time has ended on your earth.  Love will rein supreme and it is coming and will be here soon. Do not despair, your suffering will end and soon.