Conversations With Caesar is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read!  I am reading it slowly so I can savor every word and the images they conjure.

I thoroughly enjoy Caesar's plainspoken manner and his forthrightness about his life and values.  His humility in evaluating his triumphs and honesty about his failures is touching.

Your notes are impressive!  Carolyn, CONGRATULATIONS ON A MAGNIFICENT WORK.

I can only imagine how you felt receiving all that information but what a thrill for me to read what you heard and recorded.

I really don't know all of what is on the book shelves "out there", but I have to doubt that there's anything that could begin to compare with Caesar's description of his afterlife, why he's there, and what he has been told about moving toward the light.  I think this is unique information and your book is a greatly needed addition to the spiritual/metaphysical genre.

Carolyn, again, heartfelt thanks and congratulations on your wonderful gift to the world.

Suzanne Ward, author
Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven
and the Matthew Books series


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