"When reviewing books, I rate them one to five.
Conversations With Caesar is 'six'.
I liked the book that much."

— Jay from Jay's Corner - WFAD

If you had the opportunity to sit down with perhaps the greatest general in the world, what you ask him? Carolyn Evers had that opportunity and Conversations With  Caesar is the result of their discussions. Evers remembers being his daughter.

  • Caesar himself, perhaps one of the greatest generals who ever walked the earth speaks to us.  He describes his world since his assassination, the energies coming to earth which he says are conected to sunspot activity and activated from the cosmos. These energies link through the sun affecting the core of the earth, our DNA, and changes our brain structure.
  • The course of history would have been changed if he fulfilled his real mission - to bring in the Roman peace through trade and cooperation rather than domination and subugation, thus making way for the teacher that we know of as Jesus Christ.

This is a must read book as Caesar discusses many topics of the day, from war in the Middle East to events in our own country, and personal perspectives from his own life.

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